Mission Statement

Team SAFE Racing is dedicated to the purpose of providing individuals with a desire to compete in the sport of inline racing an opportunity to do so in a supportive team environment where all members believe in sportsmanship, training, community service, and offering themselves as role models for aspiring athletes. As part of the mission, Team SAFE members are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with that of a respected sponsored athletes, as well as providing instruction and other courtesies to the communities in which they live or visit. Team SAFE members share a commitment to distinguish themselves in both competition and character and to contribute to the growth of inline skating as a sport for all ages.


Founded in 1999, Team SAFE began as a way to boost the sport of inline speed skating, which often goes under appreciated in the United States. Paul Sargenti, CEO of SAFE Security of San Ramon, California saw inline speed skaters competing with as much skill and dedication as the professional athletes in other, higher profile sports and founded Team SAFE. Paul wanted to help support these athletes and bring attention to their efforts.

What separates Team SAFE from many other professional teams is its commitment to unity. At every event, the Team works together so that each member can enjoy time in the spotlight and accomplish his or her personal goals. When individuals work for the good of the Team, it makes every one’s accomplishment even richer and more worthwhile and all Team members can rightly share in it.

Paul is proud of the Team’s consistent performances at recognized competitions, including the Northshore Inline Marathon, the Long Beach Marathon, the Disney Inline Marathon and Athens-to-Atlanta. Team SAFE is also proud to patronize smaller races where the same level of commitment exist as in the larger events. If Team SAFE is in the race, you can expect to see a Team SAFE uniform on the podium!

The San Ramon, California based SAFE Security has become one of the nation’s largest enterprises involved in the purchasing and servicing of residential and commercial security alarm monitoring customers. Twenty years after it acquired its first customer account, SAFE Security has acquired over 250,000 customers in 45 states.

Team SAFE is embraced by SAFE Security and shares the same values and esprit de corps as the company.